Paying into your account

Interest on your savings from the word go 

All money you pay into your account (including cheques) will start earning interest from the day it’s added.


Please note: until you add money to your account, your interest rate will be shown as 0% on your statements, or on some of the letters we send you. Don't worry, your actual rate will show up once you've put some money in.

How to pay in

Depending on which type of account you have, you can pay in by transfer using a transfer, cash or cheque. You can also arrange to transfer your savings from an ISA into another Coventry savings account.


Remember: If you move money from ISA to non-ISA account money loses its tax-free status.


Payments can be made online, over the phone, by post or in a branch. If you’re not sure which ways of paying in are available for the account you have (whether it’s an ISA, easy access account, fixed rate bond etc), get in touch. 

Send an electronic payment

…From another bank or building society account

If you bank online, setting up a transfer from another organisation might be the quickest and easiest way to pay money in. You can make one-off payments or set up a standing order.

The details you’ll need:

Payee: Your full name

Sort code: 40-63-01

Account number: Use the last eight digits of your account number.

…From another Coventry account

You can log in to Online Services using your existing Security Details to set up a transfer from another Coventry account.

If you're an existing customer and already set up for Online Services, you can download our app and transfer from another Coventry account. Find out how to register the app on your device.

Pay in cash

You can pay in cash at any branch. If you have a passbook with your account, bring it in so that we can update it.

Pay in cheques

You can bring cheques into a branch, or post them (along with your passbook, if you have one) to: FREEPOST CBS CUSTOMER SERVICES. You don’t need a stamp.

Make the cheques payable to you, and write your account number on the back.

More about cheques

ISA transfers

You can transfer your ISA savings to another account. Remember: when you move your money into an account that is not an ISA, the money loses its tax-free status. For more information on how to transfer an ISA, visit our ISA transfer page.

How to pay in from a foreign account

We don’t allow any cash or cheque payments into your account in a foreign currency.

To make a payment from an overseas account into your Coventry account, use these details to set up a transfer:


Reference: Customer’s full Coventry Building Society savings account number. (This information is essential; payments not quoting the full account number will be returned to the sender.)

Address: HSBC, Coventry, CV1 1QJ

IBAN number for Coventry Building Society accounts if needed:



It usually takes two business banking days for payments from EU countries to be available. Payments from non-EU countries will usually take six business banking days to be available. Please note: the Society has no influence on these timescales.

If a payment doesn't quote the full customer's account number, then it will be returned, irrespective of any other details that may be quoted on the payment advice.

If you receive a payment electronically in a foreign currency, the amount of the transaction is converted into pounds sterling on the date we add it to your account at the wholesale rate of exchange used by HSBC.

Been sent a payment by mistake?

If we find that a payment’s been made into your account by mistake and it’s fair and reasonable to do so, we may remove the amount of the payment from your account balance as soon as possible after we find out about the error.

What we do depends on when the mistaken payment was made:

Within two months….
We’ll contact you to let you know what’s happening. If the payment wasn’t a mistake, you’ll have 15 days to show us proof of this. During that 15 days, you won’t be able to withdraw the amount of the payment from your account. Unless you prove that the payment wasn’t a mistake, we’ll return the payment to the paying bank.

More than two months before…
We'll let you know about the mistaken payment and ask for your permission to return the payment to the person who made the mistake.

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Want help?
Our help section is bursting with useful information. If you'd rather chat, just give us a call.


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