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We are open but exceptionally busy. Where possible, please leave phone lines free for our most vulnerable customers. 

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What we need

If we ask for documents to prove your name and address, this is to protect you from identity fraud and also allows us to comply with money laundering regulations. We'll usually need to see your identification (ID) before we can open an account for you or update your details. If you're applying for a joint account, all account holders need to provide ID.

If we ask you for ID, we'll need to see:

  • One item from Group A, to confirm who you are

  • One item from Group B, to confirm your name and address

See below for the different types of identification we accept.

Documents can be used either to confirm who you are, or your name and address, but not both. For example, if you use your driving licence to confirm who you are, you can't also use it to confirm your name and address.

Both at branches and by post, we don't accept photocopies or documents printed from websites.

At a branch: We only accept original documents.

By post: We only accept certified copies where specified below because we can't be held responsible if the originals are lost in the post. For other documents such as utility bills, you need to post us the originals. We return all your ID to you (both original and certified copies).

Group A
To confirm who you are
What to send by post 
Passport (UK or foreign)  - current, valid and full
certified copy
Full old style paper driving license (UK) - current and signed
certified copy 
Valid UK photocard driving license (full or provisional)
certified copy
EEA photocard driving license - current 
certified copy
Blue badge parking permit
certified copy
EEA member state identity card 
certified copy
DWP pension entitlement letter - current year 
Birth/Adoption certificate (under 18's only)
certified copy
NHS medical card/document, showing holder's name, DOB, NHS number (under 18's only)
Group B
To confirm your name and address
What to send by post
Utility bills (i.e gas, electricity, water) less than three months old
Council/local authority tax bill, less than 12 months old and valid for the current year
Valid UK photocard driving license (full or provisional)
certified copy
Full old style paper driving license (UK) - current and signed 
certified copy
Bank/building society statement less than 3 months old (not from Coventry) 
Cable/satellite/phone bill (excluding mobile phones) less than 3 months old
Section 975 Tax Statement (not from the Coventry)
Local council tenancy agreement/rent book
Solicitor's letter confirming house purchase in the past 3 months
NHS medical card/document which includes the holder's address (under 18s only)

Certifying documents

Copies of original documents can only be certified by one of the following:

  • Legal professional (solicitor registered in England and Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland, barrister registered in England and Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland or notary public registered in any country)

  • Qualified accountant (registered with either ICAEW, ICAS, CAI, ACCA, CIPFA or CIMA)

  • Public sector official (serving officer of the Armed Services, serving police officer, teacher in current employment)

  • Medical professional (doctor registered with the General Medical Council, dentist registered with the relevant national professional body)

  • Post Office official (person authorised under the Post Office Document Certification Service),

  • Embassy official (an embassy, consulate or high commission officer in the country of issue of the relevant document)

  • Other (local government councillor, Member of Parliament, bank manager, building society manager or minister of religion)

Copies of your original documents should have been certified within the last 12 months using the following words:

‘I confirm that I have seen the original document’

The certifier must sign their name and include these details:

  • full name
  • profession
  • business address (if applicable)
  • phone number
  • today’s date (ie: the date they certify the document)

The person certifying should be in current employment, but we’ll also accept certification from a person who has retired (unless the list above specifies that the person must be serving), as long as they still hold the qualification and are a member of the relevant institute.

The person certifying must not be related to you in any way (for example: spouse, partner, sibling, parent, child or in-law) and they must not be named as a joint account holder/borrower on your mortgage. You can’t certify your own identification.

Opening an account for a child

Before we can open the account, we’ll need to see ID for the child and, if you’re signing the application form with them and you’re not already a Coventry member, we need to see ID for you too.

For the child…
Birth/adoption certificate or valid passport, and one document which proves where the child lives, for example the child's NHS medical card.
If you don’t have anything to prove the child’s address, and they live with you, we can accept a document which proves where you live, such as a utility bill dated within the last three months.

For you…
One official document which proves who you are (for example a valid passport or driving licence) and one document which proves where you live (such as a utility bill dated within the last three months). This can be the same document as the one you use to prove the child’s address.

The list of suitable ID is above.

If you have a non-UK passport

This can only be certified by a UK bank or building society manager, solicitor or embassy official.

If you need help with ID

Please come into any branch or call us on 0800 121 8899 .