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Some ISAs are now 'flexible ISAs'

If you have a flexible ISA, you can take money out and replace it later, without it counting any further towards your annual ISA allowance - as long as you pay the money back in before the end of the same tax year.

Before 6 April 2016, everything you paid in counted towards your annual ISA allowance, even if you took money out in the same tax year.

So if your ISA is a 'flexible ISA', in addition to your annual ISA allowance, you'll be able to create a 'flexible ISA allowance'. This is the amount of previous years' ISA savings you've taken out of your flexible ISA in the current tax year, which you may replace if you wish.

On 6 April every year, your flexible ISA allowance will be reset to zero.

Nearly all variable rate Coventry ISAs are now flexible ISAs

We changed nearly all our variable rate ISAs into flexible ISAs on 6 April 2016. If this happened with your Coventry ISA, we wrote to you to explain what's changed.

If you have a Coventry fixed rate ISA, it isn't flexible. This is because our fixed rate ISAs aren't designed for regular payments and withdrawals.

If you're not sure if your ISA is flexible, ask us at any branch or call us on 0800 121 8899.

You can’t transfer your flexible ISA allowance to another provider 

If your ISA is flexible, you create a ‘flexible ISA allowance’ when you take out money from your previous year's savings - this allowance only applies to that ISA.

If you transfer the ISA to another provider and close the account, you lose any flexible ISA allowance you've created.