What's new at Coventry Building Society?

What’s a remote access scam?

Fraudsters impersonate internet service provider employees and try to convince you that something is wrong with your computer. They may tell you to download and install remote access applications to your PC, laptop or mobile phone, so that they can 'fix' the issue. They may then charge you for this but often the prize is just to get hold of your personal and financial details or access to your online banking.

August 2021

Our new member loyalty account

Our members, and the relationship we have with them, are everything to us, so here’s something just for you. If you have a savings or mortgage account with us, and you’ve had it since at least 1 January 2020, you can save up to £20k in our new Loyalty 21 Day Notice Saver, and enjoy a highly competitive interest rate.

July 2021

Coventry Building Society Arena

We’re really excited to usher in the era of the Coventry Building Society Arena (formerly the Ricoh). Our partnership with Wasps will help us do good in the community of Coventry, and beyond.

June 2021

Postal delivery fraud

Always finding new ways to scam people out of their money, fraudsters have been targeting people via postal scams. Fake text messages from postal/courier companies attempt to trick people into giving out their bank details. 


May 2021

We welcome our new CEO

Steve Hughes has recently taken over as Chief Executive of Coventry Building Society after a 30 year career spanning car manufacturing, consumer goods and financial services.


May 2020

The Race at Work Charter

As part of our ongoing commitment to build a diverse and balanced workforce, we've signed the Race at Work Charter. The members we serve reflect the full diversity of the city of Coventry and the wider UK, and so should the Society.


April 2021

Our partnerships

Our partnerships