How to apply

Give us a call on 0800 121 8899. Set aside enough time – it can take 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.


If you call us about getting a mortgage, remortgaging, switching or borrowing more, then ‐ like all lenders ‐ we’ll go through detailed questions to assess what you can afford. 

One of our advisors will explain our mortgages and help you find the right one

We don’t have advisors in all our branches, but if you call us on 0800 121 8899, we’ll be happy to help.  We’ll recommend a Coventry mortgage that suits you and help you apply. 

If you are a Buy to Let customer you will need to choose your product before you call.

We don't charge anything for our advice but remember - we only offer our own mortgages. When you call us, you’ll need some information to hand about you and the property you’re interested in. 

What you’ll need to have to hand

Who you are

Your name, address and date of birth (plus proof of ID)

About the property

Its value, plus details of any current mortgage

What you can afford

Income details, and how long you want the mortgage for

To find out what you could borrow, try our mortgage affordability calculator.

And you can work out how much your mortgage payments might be every month with our repayment calculator.

What happens next?

You’ve applied for your mortgage and we’ve agreed to it. This is what happens next.

What to expect

When your mortgage has been agreed, we’ll post you out a mortgage offer pack. It has everything you need to know about your terms and conditions, our tariff and our fees and charges.

Your terms and conditions

Your mortgage terms and conditions form part of a legally binding contract so it’s really important that you read them carefully. If there’s anything you don’t understand, speak to your solicitor.

Your solicitor

If you’re buying or selling a property, remortgaging or transferring equity, your solicitor will deal with the legal aspects of it, the ‘conveyancing’. If you’re unsure about any of your mortgage conditions, ask your solicitor to go through them with you.

What you’ll receive

Your mortgage offer pack will contain the following: 

  • Our General Mortgage Conditions – the standard conditions that will apply to your mortgage.
  • Tariff of Mortgage Charges –a summary of the charges that may apply to your mortgage. You can use this to compare us to other mortgage lenders.
  • Special Conditions – specific terms and conditions that relate to the mortgage you’ve applied for. 
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Want help?
Our help section is bursting with useful information. If you'd rather chat, just give us a call.


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Want help?
Our help section is bursting with useful information. If you'd rather chat, just give us a call.


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