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What to do when someone dies

When someone dies, the administration can be overwhelming. If they had a Coventry Building Society mortgage which you’re dealing with, we’ll try to make things as easy as possible for you.

We're here to help you. Call our specialist team on 0800 587 4565 or visit any of our branches if you'd prefer to talk to us face-to-face. 

This page is about Coventry mortgages – if you need information because a savings account-holder has died, you need this page instead: What to do when someone dies

What we need to see

First of all, we’ll need to see a copy of the death certificate. What else we’ll need from you will depend on whether the mortgage is in a sole name or in joint names.

In a sole name

  • You may need a statement of the balance of the mortgage account at the date of death so that you can obtain the Grant of Probate – we can let you have this
  • The executors of the estate may want to redeem the mortgage and close the account. We can send a redemption statement – we’ll just need to see an original or certified copy of either the grant of probate or Letters of Administration first.

Joint tenants

If the property is jointly owned, when we’ve received the death certificate, we'll amend the mortgage account to the name of the surviving account holder(s).

Tenants in common

  • If the property is owned by two or more people as ‘tenants in common’, we’ll need to see an original or certified copy of either the grant of probate or letters of administration. This will enable us to discuss or where required provide further information to the Executors or Administrators in regards to the mortgage.

  • The executors of the estate will then need to contact the Land Registry to change the ownership of the property. When the register has been amended, we can remove their name from the mortgage account.

  • If you need to add to the mortgage account after we've completed this process, you’ll need to talk to one of our mortgage advisors, and any decision will be subject to our lending criteria.

Not sure? 

If you have any questions, call us on 0800 587 4565 . We’ll do our best to help.

Bereavement FAQs

Here’s some of the most common questions and answers that are raised about this issue. 

What are 'joint tenants'?

Joint tenants means that two or more people own a property in equal, undivided shares. If one owner dies, the property will pass automatically to the survivor(s), regardless of whether a will has been made and the property doesn't form part of the deceased person’s estate.

What are 'tenants in common'?

Tenants in common means that two or more people own a property in distinct shares (e.g. one person owns 70% of the property and the other owns 30% of the property). If one owner dies, their share doesn't pass automatically to the survivor(s) - it will form part of the estate and will pass according to the will or the rules of intestacy.

What is 'Grant of probate'?

Grant of probate is a certificate issued by the court confirming the authority of the executor(s) to administer the estate.

What is probate?

Probate is the process of proving a will by the executors. The term is also commonly used to describe the process of obtaining a grant of representation, even where there is no will.

What if the mortgages held with you is either an Equity Release or Lifetime Mortgage?

Please contact us on 0800 121 8899 .

How do I get a mortgage redemption statement?

Please contact us on 0800 121 8899 .

Will charges still apply?

If the mortgage account is redeemed following a death, we won't make you pay any early repayment charges. Interest will continue to accrue on all mortgage accounts until redemption.

What happens if there is home insurance arranged through the Coventry?

Please contact us for more information. 

Will interest still accrue on the mortgage if the account holder has passed away? 

Yes, interest will contine to accrue until the mortgage is redeemed.

There is an endowment policy, how can I claim the funds? 

If an endowment policy is assigned to the Society, we’ll claim any funds on your behalf. If the policy is not assigned to the Society, you'll need to contact the endowment policy company.

I'm going to struggle to make my mortgage payments, is there anything I can do? 

Contact us on 0800 121 8765  and we'll try and find an option that may work for you.

Useful contacts

The Court Tribunal Finder - to find your local court to obtain Grant of Representation visit, For information on how to amend titles in Scotland, go to

Government agencies
Most councils run a service called 'Tell Us Once' - it lets you report a death to most Government organisations in one go. Visit

Government advice on bereavement - go to

Citizens Advice Bureau - can help you understand what financial help is available. Find your local office in the phone book, or visit