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Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting 2020 voting results

Thank you to our members who voted in the 2020 Annual General Meeting. This year over 91,000 members voted, which represents 8% of our eligible membership.

The table below shows the total number of votes cast. Members voted overwhelmingly in support of the resolutions and approved all of the director elections and re-elections.

To ensure fairness and accuracy, the AGM vote was independently scrutinised by Civica Election Services, previously known as Electoral Reform Services.

You can read our 2020 Annual General Meeting minutes here.

2020 results
Ordinary resolutions
To receive the Directors’ Report, Annual Accounts and Annual Business Statement for the year ended 31 December 2019.
For: 89,986
Against: 865
Withheld: 685
In favour: 99.0%
To approve the Remuneration Policy.
For: 81,478
Against: 8,042
Withheld: 2,018
In favour: 91.0%
To approve the Directors’ Remuneration Report for the year ended 31 December 2019.
For: 81,870
Against: 7,640
Withheld: 2,031
In favour: 91.5%
To reappoint PricewaterhouseCoopers UK (PwC) as auditors of the Society to hold office until the end of the next Annual General Meeting.
For: 86,623
Against: 3,632
Withheld: 1,281
In favour: 96.0%
Election and re-election of directors
To re-elect Iraj Amiri as a director.
For: 86,602
Against: 3,277
Withheld: 1,660
In favour: 96.4%
To re-elect Peter George Edwin Ayliffe as a director.
For: 87,320
Against: 2,696
Withheld: 1,523
In favour: 97.0%
To re-elect Andrew William Deeks as a director.
For: 87,458
Against: 2,515
Withheld: 1,564
In favour: 97.2%
To re-elect Catherine Martina Mary Doran as a director.
For: 87,371
Against: 2,752
Withheld: 1,408
In favour: 96.9%
To re-elect Michele Jean Faull as a director.
For: 87,526
Against: 2,605
Withheld: 1,406
In favour: 97.1%
To re-elect Peter Nicholas Frost as a director.
For: 87,403
Against: 2,588
Withheld: 1,541
In favour: 97.1%
To re-elect Gary Hoffman as a director.
For: 86,826
Against: 3,108
Withheld: 1,602
In favour: 96.5%
To re-elect Joanne Louise Kenrick as a director.
For: 87,230
Against: 2,875
Withheld: 1,428
In favour: 96.8%
To re-elect Martin Alastair Stewart as a director.
For: 87,341
Against: 2,605
Withheld: 1,587
In favour: 97.1%
To elect Shamira Mohammed as a director.
For: 86,638
Against: 3,199
Withheld: 1,689
In favour: 96.4%
Are you eligible to vote in the AGM?

More than 1 million members are invited to vote in our AGM each year.

Eligible members:

·         Are 18 years of age or over on the date of the AGM.

·         Are first-named on a Coventry mortgage or savings account.

·         Owe at least £100 on a mortgage with Coventry Building Society or hold at least £100 in savings accounts with Coventry Building Society as at 31 December in the year before the AGM.

·         Must continue to owe at least £100 on a mortgage to the Society or hold savings with the Society up to and including the date of the AGM.

Go for a paperless vote

If you are registered for Online Services, you can update your settings to receive information about our Annual General Meeting by email and we'll send you the codes you'll need to be able to vote online.

Updating your AGM preferences

If you're eligible to vote at our Annual General Meeting, and have registered to receive emails from us, we'll send you a link to the official Notice of Meeting and Summary Financial Statement. We'll also provide you with details about the meeting itself and how you can cast your vote online. Our AGM is usually held in April each year.

Please note, you'll need to confirm your paperless preferences by 1 February for them to apply to the next AGM. Any changes you make after 1 February will affect your AGM settings in future years only.

You have the option to change your AGM settings at any time within Online Services.